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Welcome to Jatran.com.  Visit the Mississippi Convention Complex and Telcom Center in Downtown Jackson.  
Union Station Hub for Jatran & Greyhound Buses along with Amtrak Train Services
Union Station

Welcome to Jatran: Jackson, Mississippi Transit System
 >> Phone: (601) 948.7140

Basic Information
Jatran operates daily fixed routes with exception of Sunday. Union Station, the main hub for all Jatran buses, is located at the corner of Gallatin and Capitol Streets in Downtown Jackson. Union Station services Jatran, Greyhound and Amtrak trains along with various cab services. Jatran bus fares average $1.50 but vary by age. Transfers between routes are free. Visit the official Jatran website for more detailed information regarding transit fares and route maps. Be sure to enjoy a stay in the newly refurbished Hilton Gardens at the King Edward Hotel, a 1920s icon, located just across Capitol Street from Union Station.

Contact Numbers & Sites
>> Jatran: (601) 948.7140 OR (601) 948.3840
>> Greyhound: (601) 353.6342 OR (800) 231.2222
>> Amtrak: (601) 355.6350 OR (800) 872.7245
>> Jackson International Airport: (601) 939.5631

Other Information
>> View Route Maps
>> Map to Main Terminal (Union Station)
>> Downtown Jackson Information
>> UMC Shuttle

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